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Art Therapy / Counseling


I like to think of therapy as walking a labyrinth.  A labyrinth is not a maze, but a walking meditation tool with a single winding path that leads you to the center and continues as you return to the outside.  It represents the journey inward to our True Self and then back out into the world.  Just like walking a labyrinth, therapy can help calm our anxieties, help us during periods of transition or stress, guide healing, deepen self-awareness, enhance creativity and foster personal and spiritual growth.  Each person's journey is special, meaningful, and unique.

As a Creative Arts Therapist/Counselor I use a unique combination of experiential therapies that enhance traditional talk therapy methods to help you realize your best qualities and potential. These are Art Therapy, Parts Work, and Mindfulness/Meditation.

What is Creative Arts Therapy?

You don't have to be an artist to benefit from art therapy, you just have to tap into your creativity and everyone has the potential to be creative; whether it be in thought, speech, drawing, painting, writing, dancing, praying, loving, or just being.  Creativity just means that we are creating something using our imagination and when we are creating, we feel purpose and life.  When we are being creative, many times it is the process that is more meaningful than the product we create.  We have much to learn from the process and it has much to teach us about our lives and about our selves.

What is "Parts Work"?