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I am proud to be a part of the Center for Mind Body Medicine's family of practitioners.  As a Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, I am certified to facilitate Mind Body Skills groups. You can learn more about groups here.

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine is the world’s leader in successfully addressing population-wide psychological trauma.  Since its founding, CMBM has developed a model of self-care, social support, and community building that has transformed practices and outcomes in health care. The Mind Body Skills Group is a meditative group model involving Mind Body Medicine theory and practice. According to Dr. James Gordon, a psychiatrist and founder of the Center for Mind Body Medicine in Washington DC, “self care is the true primary care” and “health promotion is a way of life”. Dr Gordon advises health care professionals and patients to embrace a holistic, individualized approach to health and draw upon the wisdom of ancient medical traditions.  There is growing evidence of the immense healing potential of this program for diverse populations. These include healthy people who want to enhance self awareness and well being as well as those with clinical conditions, such as cancer, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and severe stress, particularly when used in combination with conventional health-care services.

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CMBM has successfully worked with population-wide trauma in communities challenged by war, poverty, mass shootings, climate-related disasters, opioid addiction, and genocide. In response to the unprecedented psychological trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic, CMBM  most recently launched an innovative online program of  self-care and social support for healthcare workers and those afflicted by Covid-19 that is designed to strengthen their resilience as well as relieve the symptoms of psychological stress and trauma.

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